The Essence of Traditional Javanese Leadership Teachings in Sêrat Nitisruti


  • Izzuddin Rijal Fahmi Institut Agama Islam Negeri Ponorogo, Indonesia


This article is a research report on the study of Sêrat Nitisruti, a classic literary work created by Prince Karanggayam during the Pajang kingdom. In Sêrat Nitisruti, there is the content of the concept of power and leadership in Java. This concept tries to be seen concerning its relevance in Islamic education. This study aims to understand traditional Javanese concepts related to power and leadership. These two things are important concepts that are indispensable. The method in this study applies research methods commonly used in the research of literary works, namely the hermeneutic method. The finding of this study is that Kawula, or people who are subordinates, should obey absolutely. Gusti as a leader is a manifestation of God’s representative. The relationship between Kawula and Gusti is strong, so communication between the two is always framed in pasemon. The results of this study have significant benefits, which can be a reference for the younger generation to learn about traditional leadership because later, they will also become leaders.







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