Masculinity in Dancers of Belian Bawo


  • Tri Sulapmi Dolina Ikeh Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia


Balian Bawo dancer is an important figure in the traditional ceremonies of the Dayak Deah tribe. A Balian Bawo is believed to be the link between humans and spirits. A man should only perform this dance. One of the representations of Dayak life is presented in the dancer's body. This study is qualitatively designed and examines the representation of masculinity manifested in the body of Balian Bawo dancers. Data was collected by compiling photo and video documentation which was then analyzed using the semiotic theory of denotation and connotation of Roland Barthes. The analysis results show that the representation of masculinity is manipulated by attributing clothing featuring an open chest. This large bracelet connotes strength and the use of a special space that covers Balian Bawo dancers. The dominance of masculinity manifests itself through female companions who play a role in preparing all the needs of a Balian Bawo.







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